Vision and Goals

Cluster mission

The cluster’s mission is to support the increasing competitiveness of its members implementation of joint innovation projects and interconnection links between business and academia to promote the growth of intensity and rate of spread of innovations into practice.

Cluster vision

Within five years, the CZECH IT CLUSTER will be the most important Central European SaaS ecosystem, based on:

  • common cluster infrastructure
  • its own application platform CZECH IT CLUSTER
  • SaaS applications of the core cluster members
  • support services of the members in the interior surroundings of the cluster

The main objectives of the cluster

The main objectives of the cluster include:

  • creation of a common development platform that will enable member companies to implement joint innovation projects
  • support knowledge transfer from academia to a commercially oriented products,
  • coordination of cluster cooperation and creation of technical and business standards within the cluster,
  • increase the competitiveness of its members.

Long-term goals of the Cluster

The long-term objectives of the cluster are based on its mission (support the growth of competitiveness cluster members in the field of “software as a service”) and vision (to build a top Central European SaaS ecosystem).

The long term goal of CZECH IT Cluster is to create a functioning ecosystem with its own SaaS application platform (a common development environment, communication interfaces, application libraries, know-how and standards), which together will create the conditions for long-term systematic cooperation between cluster members that will support the development of innovations and development of competitiveness both during the project and after its completion.