Program: OPPI – Cooperation – Clusters

Realization: 2011-2013


As part of this project, 26 joint projects were carried out, of which 20 development. Research activities of the project were divided into two basic areas:

  1. Standardization of cloud services – mapping of individual areas of cloud computing, including benchmarking of leading global providers of cloud services. The outcome of these projects are the best practices and software tools for optimizing the selection of cloud services for different types of applications. The research was focused on the area of ​​cloud infrastructure (IaaS) and platform (PaaS), cloud services security, information services integration to cloud applications and modeling of business processes in the cloud.
  1. Application libraries – the specialized source and application libraries were developed to increase productivity development of new applications. Their use enhances application compatibility with the platform, increases the possibility of integration with other applications running on the platform and simplifies the update process.